Bahrain التوصيل إلى البحرين: 2-5 أيام بواسطة دي إتش إل إكسبريس شاملاً جميع الرسوم والضرائب.
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Philips Lumea IPL BG9041 for Men

Bahrain التوصيل إلى البحرين: 2-5 أيام بواسطة دي إتش إل إكسبريس شاملاً جميع الرسوم والضرائب.
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عرض لفترة محدودة (هدايا مجانية)

Philips Lumea BG9041 for Men

Men should not use it on their faces due to the density of facial hair.

IPL technology prevents the hair regrowth at the root

Philips Lumea uses a light-based technology called "IPL" to break the hair growth cycle.The soft light pulses prevent hair follicles from becoming active again after several treatments. Philips has worked very closely with skin experts to develop this technology.Now you can use this innovative technology, which is also used in professional beauty salons for hair removal, safe and effective at home anytime.

For chest, stomach, legs, armpits, back and pubic area

Philips Lumea for Men has been developed in collaboration with leading dermatologists for safe, effective and gentle use on the arms, underarms, shoulders, abdomen, pubic area (except the scrotum), on the legs, chest and back developed on the back.

SmartSkin sensor with 5 settings

Tips on automatic settings based on your own skin tone.

Slide & Flash mode

The Slide & Flash mode allows fast treatment of large parts of the body thanks to the large treatment window (size: 4.1 cm2).

Can be used with cable or wireless

This Philips Lumea for Men is an IPL device that can be used both with cable and wireless. Use the wireless function for complete freedom of movement; for uninterrupted treatment, use the cable.

Suitable hair and skin types

Philips Lumea can be used on many hair and skin types. Suitable for (naturally) dark blonde, brown and black hair and for skin tones from very white (I) to dark brown (V).Like other light-based treatments, Philips Lumea is NOT suitable for treating red, blond or white / gray hair. This product is also NOT suitable for very dark skin (skin type VI).

No spare parts, no hidden costs

Philips Lumea is a complete solution that's ready to go. No refill cartridges or gels required.

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